Yearbook Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme for your yearbook is a masterful approach because it helps you create a truly original piece of memorabilia that far exceeds those that don’t use a theme. It allows you to have a starting point for each blank page you encounter. Plus it brings clarity, purpose and united cooperation to your yearbook team.

Here are theme ideas that have proven to be successful for many schools:

  • Relevant world topics – By choosing a theme based on a current event or topic that is happening in the world today, you bring more meaning into every page. Themes might include, sustainability, speaking out or creating change in the world.
  • School colors or mascot – Using your school colors helps create a consistent look for your yearbook and using your mascot shows school spirit. Get creative with it – for example, if your mascot is an eagle, you could use the theme “Soaring With the Eagles.”
  • Technological advances – If this were the theme for your parents’ yearbook and the theme for your yearbook, each book would be dramatically different. Using technology as a theme helps to express an era like nothing else.
  • Art – With a plethora of art pieces being created each year from students in your school, you will never run out of graphics to use for this theme. Plus, you can take an artistic approach to each design element in your yearbook.

Having a theme makes working on a project more fun and engaging, and it will make the final result more cohesive and intriguing.

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