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A  yearbook is a perfect souvenir of the years spent in school. Expressly-Yours Yearbooks is one of the premier yearbook publisher that specialize in publishing yearbooks for schools of every size and tenor. Since you are considering  Expressly-Yours Yearbooks as your school’s partner in publishing your yearbook, we would like share some details about our yearbook printing quotes that will enable you to make an informed and   educated decision.

  • Just fill out our Yearbook quote request form for yearbook printing quotes.
  • Within one business day we will respond with your yearbook proposal and complete pricing details.
  • Each item of your proposal will be discussed in detail by one of our yearbook development specialists in a follow up phone call.
  • The exact price quote for your school’s yearbook printing and publishing services will be provided to you.
  • We are available via phone Monday-Friday to answer all your queries regarding your yearbook printing.

A few things to keep in mind about your proposal from Expressly-Yours:

Please keep in mind that the shipping charges are approximate and the final cost will depend on how many total books are ordered and how much they actually weigh  The actual shipping charges are based on just that, the actual charges. At Expressly-Yours we do not markup the shipping costs of your yearbook. Once we become aware of the amount of the charges we will let you know your total balance due. Your yearbooks will be shipped immediately after the final payment is received.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your school!

As a premier yearbook publishing company, it would be our privilege to work with you and your school on such a precious project as the printing and publishing of your school yearbooks. We are passionate about our work and really love and admire working with the students and helping them record their memories of the past year.

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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