Final Steps Of The Yearbook Printing Process

Making Your Yearbook Come Together

You’ve worked so hard to get your school’s yearbook ready to be printed. After using our publishing programs, our customer’s yearbooks are printed to the highest quality standards in the industry. So now that you have done your job, it is time for Expressly-Yours to get to work on printing and finishing the job.

Our Five Step Process to Printing Your Yearbooks


  • Step 1

    Once we have received your updated and finalized files, we carefully review them for proper page size, bleed and resolution; and from there we prepare them for the printing process.


  • Step 2

      Your files are organized and downloaded to our press. We run a sample of all the pages in your yearbook for your review; this is the time to be sure your fonts did not become corrupted or nothing else change during the files transfer process.


  • Step 3

      After your proof the book and give us your approval, experienced press operators make sure that every page of your school’s yearbook looks terrific by keeping a close eye on each page as it is printed.<

        And we assure you it will look terrific!


  • Step 4

      When the final pages of your yearbook printed, all pages are collated and cut down to size and readied for binding.
  • Step 5

    And finally, your yearbook comes together when the final printed and cut pages are bound inside your custom cover; and hardcover yearbooks have the additional process of being stitched after binding.Approximately 4 weeks from the time you approve the proof of your book, the printed and finished books will arrive at your school ready for distribution to the student body.

    Expressly-Yours takes great pride in the yearbook printing and publishing process. Our objective is to make experience with us interesting and fun, to produce the best quality yearbook possible, and to surpass your expectations.

  • Client

    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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