Yearbook Layout Tips and Ideas

A yearbook is supposed to bring up fond memories of your high school days and long-lost former classmates. It is a book that makes you want to go back one more time and relive the days when life had not become too serious. In short, a yearbook holds one of the fondest memories of your life. However, a poor yearbook layout may cause the focus to shift from fond memories to the ineptness of the yearbook committee.


So if you’re part of a yearbook committee, ensure that your layouts match with the overall theme of the book. A theme sets the mood for readers of the yearbook and brings focus to a central piece of memory.


Pay special attention to the cover – The first impression you get when you hold a yearbook is what the cover creates. This is where you want to showcase your creativity, but you shouldn’t over do it. The cover should be timeless and not one that will be outdated in a few years. A photo window is one of those timeless cover designs for a yearbook and it is simple to create.


School emblem – You realize that there’s more to a yearbook than a mere collection of memories of friends and former classmates. Thus, it’s a great idea to include things that were symbolic of your school’s pride such as the school emblem or mascot. You can make it even better by being a little more creative. You can create the school mascot by attaching pictures to form the shape of the symbol.


Include a time period – You can design a modern yearbook by including ‘history in the making’ pictures. In classic yearbooks, features are usually similar, such as bigger head shots for seniors. However, for your modern yearbook, you can place a picture of a senior besides that of a prominent individual and then add some writings as well.


Classic pictures – Creating the layout for the class photos is often the most challenging part as it is impacted by costs. Most people like to place as many pictures as can fit on a given page. To add creativity, you simply tweak picture presentation on pages as there seems to be no other option.


For instance, you can substitute the usual page numbers with a picture of students displaying the numbers. Basically, you can get as creative as possible with the page numbers. Don’t limit yourself. Adding famous student quotes or interesting facts around the pictures can spruce up the page.


If it’s a club page, it’s even easier to get creative ideas. You build the page around the club’s symbol. For instance, for a chess club, you can place each member’s head on the chess pieces, and so on and so forth.


Basically, yearbook layout ideas are about creativity so stretch yours to the limit and make a yearbook that’s worth the memories it holds.

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