Yearbook Layout Tips


A yearbook should be fun, interesting and something to treasure for years to come. It should have engaging photos and content that are of interest to the students. Along with these things, the Yearbook Layout is equally important. If this is not done just right, it will ruin the look of the whole yearbook, among other things.


The photos should be the highest possible quality. This is not that difficult today, because of the digital cameras available and photo editing programs. The clearer the photos the easier it is to enjoy their subject matter.


The font used on the pages with the photos needs to be readable. Some of the fancier fonts are pretty, but they can be very difficult to read. This is a case where less is more, as it is advisable to use the simpler, more readable font. You can however, vary the size and color of the font to accentuate certain ideas or statements.

The size of the photos should not overwhelm the textual elements on the page. Even the Yearbook Company that prints the books will tell you this fact. Cover no more than a third of the page with photos and this will give you a nice balance with your textual elements. This way the page will not look all crammed together.


Have the focal point clear on the page. If it is about the debate club for instance, make sure that the photo and textual elements are on the debate club. Each page needs its own topic clearly pointed out in how it is positioned. This is one of the most important aspects of a Yearbook Layout.


Keep the color scheme to more than four colors. All the colors should complement each other and not clash together. If you get too many colors involved, it can make the pages look gaudy and unattractive.

The design of the yearbook’s cover is the most challenging part of the book’s layout to many people. It is difficult sometimes to capture the right look to represent the present year’s students. This takes a lot of thought and brainstorming from students and the faculty that are involved in the decision.


Only after the photos, content, and all Yearbook Layout planning are complete, can the book be sent to the printing company. It typically takes months of preparation and planning to bring about the ideal yearbook.

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