Yearbook Layout Programs

Before you start creating a yearbook for this coming school year, you should give some thought to the type of yearbook layout software that your school currently uses. Schools commonly purchase layout softwares one time, and then use the program repeatedly. While this works, it produces similar yearbook layouts year after year, without allowing the yearbook team to take advantage of any of the newest traditions, designs, or functions that the newer programs have.

Rather than simply sinking your money into yearbook layout programs of the brand you’ve been using all these years, take the time to look around at different programs and what they have to offer you. While you may not think that the basic premise of yearbook design and layout have changed very much over the years, the traditions and latest must-haves have continued to advance without your school participating in them.

Modern yearbook layout software is designed to take into account all of the recent technological upgrades that make modern society run. From modern technology graphics that can be included in the text to customizable online ordering for your school’s yearbook, you can be missing out on such new trends and innovations because you haven’t updated your layout programs in years.

Today’s layout designs are more appealing to this generation. Instead of relying on the simplistic, mostly black and white styles that older generations accepted as the most advanced of their days, modern yearbook layout programs include elements such as fresh new clip art designs, banners and fonts that are updated to include the most recent and popular creations. These updated layout softwares likewise permit color to be added to any point in the pages and customized to fit the occasion or the school colors, whichever you prefer.

Aside from making your yearbook a more colorful experience, these new yearbook layout software packages are capable of running on more types of computers. You won’t have to rely on that decade old MAC anymore for yearbook design, and can upgrade to a computer that is faster and has more storage capacity. This means that more pictures can be stored, and more design templates are available for your students to select from. All of these will create a more unique finished yearbook product.

The designs that are included in modern yearbook layout programs include templates and offerings that have been created by true professionals. Older programs often had basic templates programmed by the people who wrote the software, with little care give to customization or creative options. By updating this old yearbook layout software, your students will have the benefit of professionally created modern layouts and fresh new ideas to base their work off of.

So before you submit your school to another year of the same boring yearbook, consider purchasing yearbook layout programs that have been updated for the modern world. Not only will these new designs and templates appeal to today’s fast-paced youth, but they will provide your school with a fresh take on the yearbook tradition.

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