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Create a Yearbook in Hours Instead of Months!

Yearbook Fusion’s revolutionary grouping of features will empower you to create yearbook pages like never before. Yearbook Fusion features auto-collage creation, e-mail proofs, online collaboration, and image cropping and editing abilities never seen before in one yearbook program.


Yearbook Fusion Screen Interface

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve installed and registered your Yearbook Fusion software, your next steps towards a finished yearbook are to:

  • Import a PSPA CD, building a database of students and faculty
  • Edit student information individually, or in groups
  • Changes are applied in real-time to the entire yearbook
  • Create panel pages automatically
  • Customize the panel page ‘look’ (knocking out frames, reshaping the grid, etc)
  • Select groups of candids and place one at a time; or use the auto-collage function to finish your yearbook in record time.
  • Upload the results to Expressly-Yours! Yearbooks for printing
  • Learn how easy it is to create your yearbook with Yearbook Fusion

Send Us Your Work

We’ve taken the work out of getting us your finished files. Yearbook Fusion will convert your yearbook to press-ready files, and upload them to us. All you have to do is click a button.  Expressly-Yours! Yearbooks will do the rest.

Need Help?

Please review our frequently asked questions, or contact us at anytime.

We are here to support your work.

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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