Yearbook Distribution Tricks and Tips

Yearbooks aren’t any good if you don’t get them out into people’s hands. This is the same for deployment books, Navy cruise books, or anything that is similar. As a result, it can sometimes be tricky to make sure that the books get into people’s hands smoothly. Here are a few ways to make this process easier.


Get the Word Out Beforehand

Yearbooks don’t do much good if people don’t know about them beforehand. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you get the word out as much as possible. There are a lot of different ways to do this. You can use something like Bookshow, for example, to preview the book. You can limit the number of pages you show off to random snippets in order to keep interest high. Nothing will generate interest in yearbooks quite as much as seeing only little pieces of them here and there.


Use Facebook

It also helps to announce your coming yearbooks with social media sources such as Facebook. After all, it’s likely that a lot of people will be collected together in the group for your institution. If you join this group as well, you can make it a lot easier to reach people about the coming yearbooks. This is a good idea since people from that page will be able to then distribute it to everyone else that they know which will get the word out in a wave.


Use Twitter and Other Social Media

A lot of young people in institutions these days will be using social media like Twitter. If you maintain a Twitter feed you should release the announcement well in advance. If you don’t then it might be a good idea to consider starting one for your institution. There are a lot of other social media possibilities these days as well, including Google+. This is one that’s really on the rise, and it can certainly go a long way to get the word out through Google+ if this is a site that a lot of people are using. It can help to ask around about this with the people in the institution to make sure that you are covering all your bases in terms of what people are using.

Overall, you will be more likely to ensure a successful yearbook if you use all the tools available to you to hype up its release.

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