Why Create a Cruisebook for Your Platoon

As a military service person, your job is tough. There are moments you want to forget, but there are also many moments you’ll want to cherish forever. You’re making history; you’re creating important relationships; you’re sharing moments that outsiders could never truly understand.

Many platoons these days are creating cruisebooks as memorabilia, and the reasons are vast. By creating this type of book, which is basically a yearbook for the military, each platoon can record their moments in history. Records like this have often been scarce in the past, and by creating these books, they can be archived in libraries for students and interested researchers to discover.

Personally, these cruisebooks serve to capture those moments that matter most to you so you can remember them vividly. They act as a record of the years you spend fighting for your country – the hardships, the friendships, and the celebrations.

Serving time away from family is part of what makes your job so difficult and commendable, and it can often be near impossible to explain what it’s like to your family members. They will cherish your cruisebooks because by viewing them, they will be able to become more a part of what you do. Just as you enjoy looking at photos of them so you can better understand what they have been up to, they will feel the same way.

Capture those moments by creating a cruisebook that will be cherished by you, your platoon, your family and your country alike.

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