Unleash Your Yearbooks With Creative Layouts

What is it that will set your school’s yearbooks apart from every other yearbook being printed nation-wide this year? Creativity! The limitations of your yearbook design exist only in your head, and in the power of the person who makes the final layout decisions.


We at Expressly Yours yearbook publishing can’t make the yearbook overseer relax – Yet. Until we do, you will have to be creative inside the boundaries set by your supervisor.


Within the bounds of what you are, and aren’t, allowed to do, there exists almost infinite creativity. Gone are the days of boring black and white pictures that take a roll-call of every member of each club in the school. You can feel free to express yourself in any manner you can design, all with the click of a few buttons.


Unleashing your creativity can take on many forms in yearbook publishing. The yearbooks that your plan will ultimately produce will be as traditional, or as exciting, as you lay them out to be. For a traditional layout, you can rely on the pre-designed templates in the software formats that we accept. You can take ideas from the yearbooks in previous years and copy the same old, boring thing that they did.


But if you want a yearbook publishing experience that gets truly creative, then you are going to need to bring that creativity to the table! Start by deciding what it is that you want your yearbook page to represent. Is this page about a special event, such as Homecoming or the Winter Dance? Is this page a chance for classmates to show off their wild side? Will this page be used in remembering who was in what club?


Once you’ve decided what the page is going to do, you can start creating. Most yearbooks start their layouts by putting a title at the top of the page, and going from there. Bor-ing!


Instead, start with the pictures that you want on the page. Don’t have the pictures yet? Go take them! Digital cameras are wonderful, and will give you access to picture so fast that the event may not even be over yet before the photos are being manipulated for yearbook inclusion.


So, get your pictures. Crop them, adjust them, play with the colors and the backgrounds, fix the red eyes. Once you’re satisfied, and the yearbook publishing instructor is as well, drop them on the page. Remember that anything too close to the margin may be lost in the binding process.


When you’re finished, give each picture an explanation. Put this text wherever – beside the picture, under it, running vertically on both sides, whatever makes you happy! As a finishing touch, put the title of the page wherever you can find room for it. If that’s the center, or down in the lower right hand corner, then go with it. Only by creatively designing each page will your yearbooks take on a life of their own.

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