Top Three Odd Yet Effective Inspirations for Yearbook Layout

Let’s assume that you have already looked through the common sources of inspiration for the best yearbook layout and yet you are still left uninspired. Don’t fret because you have other sources of inspiration but you must keep an open mind because these may seem odd at first glance. But once you have taken a second look, you will soon realize that inspiration comes from unlikely places.

Odd as it sounds, junk mail is one of several sources where you can find creative ideas for your yearbook

Junk Mail

Yes, the junk mail containing catalogues from both well-known and lesser-known manufacturers and retailers of everything from clothes and personal accessories to home appliances and industrial machineries are odd yet great sources for yearbook layout inspiration. These catalogues are designed by professionals with vast experience in the field, which means that you can take a page or two from their ideas.

Keep in mind, too, that the people behind junk mail want to attract the readers’ eyes with the clever use of text and photos. This is also your goal when designing the yearbook layout so, again, be inspired by how the professionals use text and photos in the catalogues for your school yearbook.

Don’t limit yourself to product catalogues either. You can look at the pamphlets sent in by colleges and universities encouraging high school students to enroll in their establishments. You can find plenty of design trends that you can use on your school yearbook from its cover to its end page.

As with magazines and newspapers, just cut out the things that inspire your own creativity and pin these to the inspiration board. Even the particular color combinations used on a catalogue can become your inspiration for the color scheme of the yearbook layout.


Innovative creativity is the name of the game in the advertising world and you, too, must take a page out from the industry. The professional designers in the advertising business must be constantly on their toes to catch the attention of the target market in a world already filled with equally aggressive competitors.
Logos, slogans, and silhouettes – all of these are the realm of the advertising industry and you will be inspired to create one of your own as part of the yearbook layout. Just cut out the things that inspire you and then post again on the inspiration board. Or if the ad was an online one, then bookmark it and pin to your Pinterest page.


You can add spice to a common yearbook layout by adding a calendar! It will be used to record school events that do not merit full-length articles or may not be included in the secondary coverage but do deserve to be recorded for posterity. You may even want to put the unexpected yet cool events in the calendar just so future generations will know and the present generation will remember when they browse through this particular school yearbook.

The best advice we can give students when it comes to inspirations for your yearbook layout is to continue searching, tweaking and discussing ideas and insights. The right layout may not be immediately apparent but with your patience, perseverance and passion to achieve your goal, it is possible.

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