Top Three Interactive Yearbook Design Ideas

Let’s admit it. Searching for cool yearbook design ideas is like being in an electronics store filled with all kinds of gadgets – you have hundreds of choices but you can only buy one. The solution: Go interactive! No, we are not talking about going digital wherein your yearbooks are in online sites and your fellow students can add their ideas to the mix. We are instead talking about adding interactive touches to the actual ink-and-paper yearbook.


Your fellow students will then be able to interact, so to speak, with the yearbook in ways that will add another dimension to the usual turning of the pages. Here are a few of these interactive yearbook design ideas. Take a page from Calhoun High School, a public high school in Hardin, Illinois. The 2012 120-page yearbook was designed to be written and colored in by the students! Yes, there were the usual photos but these were combined with drawings on the backgrounds, which the students can fill with colors and words of their own choice.


During the distribution event for the yearbooks, the students were provided with three sets of markers each to use for coloring in the pages. The students can then use the tables in the venue to start working on their masterpieces. Then there is the scratch card yearbook design idea. Basically, the cover of the yearbook has a scratch card that hides the imagery behind. This is an easy yet effective point of interaction because the students will be excited to know what’s behind the card. Yes, such excitement still holds even when you have seen the cover before.


The actual action and the sense of anticipation remain because, well, there’s nothing like discovering something for your own self. You can use this trick for the other pages of the yearbook, say, on the quotes of the students. You can also have a binder-style yearbook. The students can insert additional pages or play around with the arrangement of the pages to their heart’s content. You can add the blank pages, which can be used for the personalized messages and autographs, as part of the package.


If you have the budget for it, you may as well add stickers to the package. The students will then have the opportunity to translate their visions of the yearbook design without actually altering the overall layout.
You may even be able to get more ideas for next year’s yearbook by browsing through your fellow students’ personalized annuals. It makes sense to start as early as possible on the design, after all.
You should be able to come up with plenty of interactive yearbook design ideas upon discussions with the site’s designers. Your ability to tap into their expertise can mean the difference between a cool and an un-cool yearbook.

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