Tips on Organizing Your Sales Events for Elementary Yearbooks


Sales events conducted during parents’ assembly are the latest tactics in pushing elementary yearbooks off the shelves and into the bags of the students, in a manner of speaking. These events are essential in most cases because parents are increasingly reluctant to spend several dollars on yearbooks considering the tight economy.

The good news is that these sales events can be successful provided that everything from organization to execution is done appropriately.


Gather the Team

Your first step is to gather the team members involved in the sales event. Among the elements that must be considered during the planning stage are:

• The roles and responsibilities of each team member from the information dissemination to the kiosk operation.

• The details involved during each step of the sales event such as the theme of the kiosk, the selling techniques to be used (i.e., goodies and games) and the handling of the money.

Yes, even elementary students can be recruited to join the team but make sure that each individual will be assigned roles and responsibilities corresponding to his abilities and capabilities. Doing so will also encourage a strong sense of pride and ownership toward the elementary yearbooks, which can only be good for everybody concerned.


Pinpoint the Location

Location, location, location – this adage is as important in selling yearbooks as it is with real estate. Be sure to set up the kiosk in a place where the parents can actually see it and, therefore, will be persuaded to purchase the annual publication. Out of sight, out of mind, indeed!



• Choose a high-traffic area where the parents will actually enter or exit the venue of the parents-teachers assembly.

• Use effective signage to guide parents to the booth where the elementary yearbooksare being sold.

• Distribute fliers so that parents will be informed that a kiosk for yearbooks is in the area. Just make sure to persuade them to buy the annuals now instead of saying, “You can buy the annuals later”.

• Include a Payment and Fees form in the fliers so that the process of purchase is easier on the parents.


Set Up as Early as Possible

If possible, set up the kiosk the day after the planned parents-teachers assembly. You will then not be scrambling around for last-minute tasks while the parents are streaming through the door of the venue. Otherwise, you are missing plenty of opportunities to sell the elementary yearbooks for various reasons like no payment forms, no sufficient supply of the annuals, and no person who can answer the questions from parents.

If you are also selling the yearbooks online, you must check the Internet connection in the venue. Many parents will want to pay via credit card and, thus, you must log in to your website to finish the transaction. Don’t keep your customers waiting while you scramble to find an Internet signal.

In the venue, you must also provide incentives for parents to make their purchases of the elementary yearbooks NOW. Freebies like tags and name stamping are great ideas but we caution against deep discounts for obvious reasons; just keep the original price and provide the goodies.

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