Tips on Making Attractive Yearbook Covers

We all know the adage about not judging a book by its covers but by its contents. In the case of yearbook covers, however, it cannot be helped that readers will make their preliminary impressions based on the quality of the covers before arriving at their final judgment about the overall quality of the publication.

With that being said, the covers on yearbooks must be so impressive as to actually encourage everybody from the students and their parents to the schoolteachers and staff to actually purchase the annuals for their own collections. Otherwise, you can expect your target market to snub the yearbooks and that is something you want to avoid for obvious reasons. Here are the ways to ensure that the yearbook covers are, indeed, as attractive as possible.

Do Your Research

In most years, a trend emerges for covers on yearbooks. This year, it may be photo collages of all the students in the class followed by quirky doodles of the school mascot in the next publications.

Your job then is to browse through the covers of past annuals, pinpoint the most attractive covers and then take your inspiration from these covers. Keep in mind that you do not want to copy every single detail on the yearbook covers that most inspired your book; otherwise, you are being a copycat and your yearbook will not be unique. Get the most inspiring ideas, discuss how these ideas can be applied to the yearbook, and then make your final draft.

Do Use Colors

The human eyes are sensitive to colors that it is estimated we can perceive 2.3 to 10 million colors; the difference can be attributed to the fact that color perception is highly subjective and that the two eyes of a single person will perceive colors in a slightly different manner. Regardless, using interplays of colors on the yearbook covers will contribute to brisk sales of the annuals simply because the target readers are immediately attracted to the publication.

Using the school colors is an obvious choice but you should experiment with other colors, too. Choose the hues and shades that are visually attractive such as yellow-on-black, white-on-green, and red-on-brown, all for the purpose of appealing to the sense of sight of your target readers.

Beware, nonetheless, of using colors in excessive quantities. There is only so much explosion of color that the eyes and mind can take before the yearbooks cover induces the vomiting reflex among the viewers.

Do Use Texts

Just as the name of the author appears on the book cover, so must the name of the class and the year appear on the yearbook cover! This makes for easy identification for the readers especially when older yearbooks are being sold alongside the current publication. Plus, it encourages a sense of ownership and pride among the members of the class, which is valuable in pushing brisk sales.

You can also add quotes, graphics and photos to the yearbook covers. The most important thing really when designing the annuals’ covers is to make sure that it speaks about and it appeals to the class.

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