Tips for Finding Exciting Yearbook Quotes for Yearbooks

As you begin creating a yearbook, you probably are thinking about layouts, cover designs and taking great pictures. However, the best yearbooks include text as well for everyone to read and enjoy. You want to come up with yearbook quotes that will bring back good memories and bring about some emotion when they are read. Of course, you may wonder where you can find great quotes to go in your school’s yearbook. If you’ve having a tough time finding good quotes to use, here are a few great tips that will help you find excellent quotes that will make the book extra special this year.

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Tip #1 – Pay Attention to What Students Say

First, when you’re looking for yearbook quotes, make sure that you are regularly paying attention to what students say. Sometimes a student will say something in passing that stands out. It may stick and become a popular saying around the school. When this occurs, you can write down the quote, who said it and then add it to the yearbook. If you’re part of the yearbook staff, keep a little notebook around when you’re at school so you can write down any quotes that really stand out to you.


Tip #2 – Ask Teachers and Staff Members for Quotes

Another idea to use if you’re looking for yearbook quotes for your yearbooks is to ask teachers and staff members for quotes that can be added. Maybe a teacher wants to offer a little piece of advice or the staff member has a favorite quote that would work perfectly in the book. Talk to teachers and staff members and tell them you are looking for great quotes to add to the book. Get them involved and have them submit any quotes they think will be a great addition to this year’s yearbook.


Tip #3 – Take Quotes from Favorite Songs

Of course, you can always take quotes from favorite songs and add them to the yearbook as well. Maybe you can think of a song that just came out during the school year that has a perfect phrase that fits with your theme. Feel free to add those quotes to the book. Perhaps there is a song that has become really popular with all the students. If so, consider using some of those lyrics in the yearbook. If you have already picked out the theme for the book, look for song quotes that go along with the theme and find places to add them to your yearbook layouts.


Tip #4 – Look Online for Great Quotes

Last, the internet is definitely a great place to look if you want to find school yearbook quotes. Simply do a search for these quotes and you’ll find many websites that offer listings of great quotes that work well in yearbooks. In no time, you’ll find a huge selection of quotes that can easily be used throughout the book. If you have a specific topic that you need a quote on, then search for quotes regarding that topic. For example, if you’re looking for quotes on success, you can search using the phrase, “success quotes” or “quotes about success.”

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