Tips for Finalizing Yearbooks

Unfortunately, selling a yearbook is part of the whole process, since the costs don’t pay for themselves and the budget of your institution may not be able to cover all of it. Plus it can be a good way to raise money for the institution anyway. That’s why it helps to get a solid yearbook company to help you with the problem. Here are a few tips for figuring everything out.

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Use an Outside Company

A yearbook company like Blurb, for example, can be a great way to handle yearbook problems. This is because you don’t have to work with anyone local, you can just upload your information to the yearbook company and then have everyone purchase straight from them. Or, alternatively, you can purchase as many copies as you think you need, or as people have ordered, directly through the site yourself. This can be a good idea if people are expecting the yearbooks to be right at the graduation ceremony in order to make it all feel more real.

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Double-check Everything

Before you send out the final copy to the yearbook company you’re using, make sure that you’ve checked everything that can be checked. This means all of the pictures to make sure they are in the right places. This means all of the names to make sure nothing is spelled wrong. You need to check the teachers, the students, and all other information to make sure that none of it is wrong in any way. Once the books start to go into production it will be far too late. A lot of yearbooks are printed with minor mistakes here and there that make a lot of people roll their eyes. And you definitely wouldn’t want to be the poor soul that ended up being put into the yearbook with your picture and the wrong name, or a name that’s misspelled. That’s why it’s important to make sure that not only check everything yourself twice, but that you have other people look at it as well. It’s always possible that you’ll miss something; after all, the human mind is funny that way. But if you put an extra set of eyes on it, or even several extra sets, you’ll be a lot more likely to catch everything and stay on top of any mistakes. Putting out a flawless yearbook goes a long way.

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