Time to Think About Yearbooks!

We get asked how to best prepare photos for yearbooks all the time.

Let’s go over a few important points that will have your photo images looking sharp and ready for printing.

Image Resolution:   Measured in Dots per Inch

You want the photos in your yearbook to look as good as conventional photographs (made from film) – and so do we.   To accomplish that, the photo’s resolution must be at least 240 dots per square inch (“dpi”).   In some cases, such as if you are printing on glossy paper with a high resolution printer, we recommend you go as high as 300 dpi. The resolution of your images can easily be determined in Adobe Photoshop or  any other photo editing software.

Pixels Matter Greatly

Pixels are small squares of colored digital information that make up a digital image.  The number of pixels will vary depending on the image’s resolution.   As an example,  let’s do the math to see how many pixels you’d need to print a 5 x 7″ picture.  Let’s assume 240 dpi is fine for our needs.  This means that for each inch, both vertically and horizontally, there are 240 distinct pixels. So:     

7″ x 240 = 1,680 pixels

5″ x 240 = 1200 pixels

Total Pixels = 2,016,000 pixels (1,200 x 1,680)

Final Considerations

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.   When you are sending a PDF,  please be sure that he color mode is set to CMYK.

Last, as you prepare your documents for printing, please make sure Adobe is set so that the document is single-sided.   We’ll print a double-sided yearbook for you (as long as that’s what you want), but the presses need to read the file with the setting at “single-sided.”

Feel free to let us know what your questions are.  We’re here to help.

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