The Three Cs – Color, Cover and Content – of a Great Yearbook

The annual yearbook obviously comes just once a year so students and teachers want it to be the best in the school’s history; or at least, the best so far. Besides, the school yearbook has permanence about it due to its ink-and-paper nature, which cannot be said of online equivalents like Facebook group pages.

It’s not just the cover but the color and content of your yearbook that will make it sing

In this regard, you must be mindful of the three Cs of creating a great yearbook, namely, color, cover and content. Each one is as important as the others so give each one careful consideration.

Color Schemes

The first thing that individuals notice about school yearbooks is its color scheme for obvious reasons – your eyes are either attracted to or repelled by the colors. When your eyes are attracted to the colors, you are more likely to open the school yearbook to admire the photos and enjoy the stories contained in it.

We suggest color consistency in the yearbook sections so that the entire work looks like a single person designed it. Your best tool in achieving it is a color wheel, which will help in choosing colors that go well with each other. You can either choose contrasting or complementary colors but make sure that all the pages have either one of these two pairings.
Other tips in choosing color schemes for your yearbook are:

• Select a small number of hues so as to achieve a unified yet colorful look.
• Apply specific colors to the elements on all the pages (i.e., headline, subhead, caption, content and photos)
• Choose dominant and accent colors, say, your school colors against whatever color goes with your theme.

Cover Ideas:

Yearbook covers are the first pages that students and teachers see upon getting hold of their copies. Thus, you are well-advised to choose the cover wisely so as to encourage them to buy the finished work.

You can use the school name and colors, of course, although you may want to add a few modern touches to the annual publication. Keep in mind that the yearbook is a reflection of the times in which it was published so a few strategic touches here and there are appreciated.
Other ideas for yearbook covers are:

• Retrospective theme where a sense of continuity between generations is provided to current students.
• Four seasons theme where the changes in the season and, consequently, the changes in school activities are highlighted.

Your main goal in the yearbook cover is to encourage everybody to buy the book.

Content that Sell:

Of course, once you have aroused the students’ and teachers’ interest in the school yearbook, you want to sustain it until the last page. This is where solid, interesting and colorful content comes in.

Be sure to include colorful photos, both candid and posed; interesting stories about events in the school as well as about the students and teachers for as long as these are in a positive light; and memorable quotes especially those that sum up the students’ enjoyable experiences during the school year.

When you can combine an attractive color palette, an interesting cover, and a riveting content, then your yearbook will be a smash hit, indeed.

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