The School Yearbook Mean Different Things to Different People

A school yearbook is a collection of articles, features and photos as well as graphics in book form with a student getting the same annual as all the other students for the current annual publication. It has no limited edition, no reissues of past editions, and no special treatments for certain students so as to make it appear that all the others are there to enhance their glory.


But like all types of publications, yearbooks mean different things to different people depending on their experiences, expectations and perspectives in life. For example, your 2012 school yearbook can be a repository of great memories of your extracurricular activities while it can mean something else for your classmate, say, a reminder of his academic achievements.


Here are two ways in which yearbooks have been used in meaningful ways. You may even be able to relate to these ways albeit with your own unique perspective.


A Connection to Friends in a Life Lived on the Move


With the mobile lifestyle so loved by Americans, millions of high school students transfer schools at least 2 times during their entire secondary school education. Just imagine leaving behind the friends you have already made in your old school, which is heartbreaking for a teenager.


Thankfully, the school yearbook can be your connection to your old friends as well as to the memories you hold dear to your heart. Just open the pages of the yearbook and start walking down the path of nostalgia.


Before you leave your old school, you can also have your friends write down their personalized messages on the yearbooks. Even with social networking sites like Facebook on hand, nothing beats the feel of paper in your hands when reminiscing about the good old times at your high school.


When a schedule reunion happens, you can always bring your copy of the school yearbook so that you and your friends can take a walk down memory lane together. That certainly cannot be said of turning on the laptop and browsing through the Facebook photos.


A Connection to the Past


We are who our ancestors and predecessors were during their heyday. To revisit the past of our parents and grandparents, you only need to open their yearbooks and see them in their youth. There’s something surprising yet satisfying in the knowledge that you are not as different from your parents as you once thought – or wished, for that matter.


Every school yearbook is also a time capsule albeit one that you can always dig up, so to speak, to enjoy history. You will be fascinated by the stories, photos and graphics on the annual publications from your parents’ and grandparents’ time because the past seems so different from the present yet, when you think about it, the past and present are similar on so many levels.


For example, you will realize that the teenage years of your parents and grandparents were also characterized by the exploration of the self often bordering on rebelliousness and recklessness. Nothing much has changed since then except for the gadgets perhaps.


Open your school yearbook and see what it means to you and be surprised by your discovery!

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