The Importance Of Proper Yearbook Design

Ask some yearbook staffs how they feel about delivering a completed yearbook and they will compare it to giving birth. When you think about it, arrival of the finished product is awaited with bated breath similarly to the way the birth of a child is anticipated. Shortly after the arrival of a newborn, word goes out announcing whether the child is a boy or girl, its name, time of delivery, length and weight along with other pertinent information.

When creating a yearbook, the labor is sometimes arduous, and its delivery is joyfully anticipated. Expected delivery date is announced, and when the books arrive word is spread. The book itself contains pertinent information about students and school staff along with statistics and important information about events pertaining to the school year that has just been completed. Each person receives their copy and much admiration and fawning takes place.

There are certain aspects of yearbook design and perfection that must be included if the finished product is to be considered perfect (with ten each of fingers and toes). Everyone will surely agree that without the school name or the year it was created there would be something sorely lacking with any yearbook in question. Following are key elements that must find their way into any yearbook for it to find great favor in the eyes of the beholders.

Cover: The cover is the first thing anyone notices when viewing this historical document and must include the school name as well as the year it was published. The spine should also include the city and state where the school is located along with the volume number.

Title Page: The title page is a very important part of the yearbook design because it holds critical information about the individual school. It should include the book title, its volume number, the year it was published and the name of the school. The complete address with ZIP code is vital because some schools change addresses when new buildings are constructed to house classes. School enrollment for the year is often included along with principal’s name, school email and telephone number, and the number of faculty for the year.

Colophon: This is a section of the book where the yearbook company that printed it should be located. It can also include the number of copies, and information about printing specifications and hose the copy was submitted. Here is where special thanks and awards should appear.

Index: The index is an important part of the book and helps readers find their own personal information as well as that of others. Even special events information such as theater presentations and football games can be included in the index.

Captions: Captions should be included with each photo to help complete the story being told. Decades from now, this inclusion will help viewers place names with photos of friends and classmates which is the true purpose of this history book.

Although the birthing pains experienced when creating, editing and sending yearbooks to the publisher may be intense, the end result should be something you can be proud to call your own.

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