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Of the many schools that trust Expressly-Yours to publish their yearbooks, here are just a few examples of the many compliments that we are proud to receive. We look forward to adding your name to this list of happy, satisfied customers.

Thank you for the books—they are great! Way better than the past publisher and I must say, the service has been exceptional as well.

Liz Gabel, Thornell Road Elementary School, Mendon, NY

Thank you for delivering the yearbooks this morning! They are beautiful! … Thanks for all the extra work you had to put into our book. It looks great.

Martha Grant, All Saints Academy, Rochester, NY

We received the yearbooks on time and they look great! I have received many comments about how beautiful they are. Thank you for your service.

Penny Barry, Dominion Academy, Leesburg, VA

Another successful year and we owe it all to you! The kids are running around clutching red and silver books with pens in hand. I’ve already heard one teacher yell to put the yearbooks away. That’s music to my ears. Again—another year the kids love their yearbooks!!! Great job printing and delivering the boxes of “joy.”

Sandy Christen, Webster Christian School, Webster, NY

The yearbooks arrived today—they look fabulous! Thanks again for an excellent yearbook and I look forward to working together again in the upcoming school year.

Ingrid Kocik, Mt. Zion Christian High School in Waterford, MI

We received the yearbooks. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.

Bill Davenport, Nonnewaug High School, Woodbury, CT

We’ve received our books and the students LOVE them! Thanks so much, and we look forward to working with you next year!

Isabel Morales, Los Angeles High School of the Arts

I Just wanted to let you know the yearbooks arrived today and they look fantastic. Everything looks to be in order. They came out really beautiful. Thank you!

Sharon Roitman, JCC of Central NJ

The cruise books were delivered on time yesterday. The look GREAT! Thank you so much for all of your help and patience with me! I couldn’t be happier with your service and product, thanks again!

Kevin Pinkney, US Navy

It had been a great pleasure working with you through out the last year. I wish to express my greatest gratitudes to you for the excellent cruise book that you have come out with. It is only now that I have comprehended the amount of hard-work that you put in the effort. I have realized that there were more number of people behind the project and I would love to thank all of you guys. This is not just a book for us but rather much more than that. The times that we spent during the deployment were really tough. We had to face numerous challenges all the time that we were there. Express Press has really enshrined those moments for all of us. I really appreciate the professionalism that you displayed. I still remember the conversations that we had through phone and e-mails.

Kindly accept this flag and the certificate as our appreciation for your work during the Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006. I am definitely going to recommend express press to everybody I meet just because of the extra effort that you put in to produce the book during those tough times.

I wish you and your family a very bright future and hope to work with you again. Take care till then but remember that all of us at VMAQ-3 are thinking of you.
Sgt Raymond Troxell VMAQ-3, April 11, 2007

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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