Steps to Choosing a Yearbook Company

Creating a yearbook can be a huge task and part of that task will involve choosing a yearbook company. You want to go with a company that will work well with you, making the job of publishing a yearbook much easier for you. Here are some great steps to follow that will help you choose a great company for your yearbook needs.


Step #1 – Consider Your Unique Needs

Every school or college is going to have unique needs when it comes to creating a yearbook. Think about the specific needs that your yearbook staff has. Maybe you need some training, yearbook creation software, reasonable fees or the ability to get tech support when you need it. Once you know your unique needs, you can decide on the right questions to ask a yearbook company before deciding to use their services. A few helpful questions to ask include the following:


– Do you offer software? If so, does it come with support? Is there an extra charge for using this software?

– How long will it take to print the yearbook and send it back?

– Are there submission deadlines I must be aware of?

– Does the price quoted included everything or are there extra fees?


Step #2 – Figure Out Your Budget

Your budget is going to influence the yearbook company that you choose. Take the time to figure out the budget you have to work with. After you know your budget, look at your needs once again and then list them in order of importance. Make sure you cover the most important needs first and then see if you can afford the other items. Look for a company that will offer you everything you need while still allowing you to stick to your yearbook budget.


Step #3 – Do Your Research

Make sure you do some research before you make your final decision on the right yearbook company to use. You want to find out more about the company. Try checking online for online reviews about the company that will give you a better idea of the service they have provided to other customers. You can even ask the company to give you some references so you can talk to other customers about how the company met their needs. Reading customer testimonials can also help you get a feel for the company, helping you to decide if it is the right company for your needs.


Step #4 – Make Your Decision

After considering your needs, figuring out your budget, asking questions and doing your research, you should be ready to make the final decision. When you have all the information you need, sit down with others on the yearbook staff and decide on the right yearbook company together. This way you don’t make the decision by yourself. By taking the time to do some work before making your decision, you’ll ensure that you make the right decision, choosing a company that will product quality yearbooks that fit into your school’s yearbook budget.

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