Special Event Inclusion In Elementary Yearbooks

There is no reason why students of all ages shouldn’t have access to memories of their school year in the form of a yearbook. However, when it comes to elementary yearbooks, parents and administrators are often of the opinion that the school yearbook for this level is more for the sake of the teachers and parents than for the students.


Elementary schools across the nation have cut back on their yearbooks spending, choosing to publish only the absolute basics of yearbook design, rather than using the school yearbook as the celebration of educational experiences that it should be. The foremost question when it comes to these cost cutting techniques becomes one of the appropriateness of special events in elementary yearbooks.


Here at Expressly Yours, we believe that these special elementary school events do have a place in school yearbook design, and we’re not saying this as an attempt to jack prices up. Regardless of the publisher that you use, it is still your responsibility to capture those priceless moments of childhood in the historical annals of your yearbooks.


Perhaps you don’t wish to dedicate as many yearbook pages to these special events as the higher forms of education do, but they are still an important part of life at your school. You should set aside at least some pages to cover these events, and to make sure that these memories are preserved for the administration, instructors, and parents alike.


While you may not have events such as school dances or proms to consider for these pages, your school does host a selection of parties and gatherings throughout the year. These get-togethers are the perfect opportunity for you to get some of the best memories on film, and to include them in the school yearbook. Among those celebrations to consider can be field events, school carnivals, home room parties, and any guest speakers or performance that arise.


You don’t need to dedicate entire sections of the yearbooks to these events. Unlike publications meant for older students, elementary yearbooks can be considered complete with two to four pages dedicated to these special, fun pictures serving as the buffer zones between grade level photograph collections.


But what about those pictures that don’t make the cut? Your teachers will doubtless take dozens of photographs throughout the year that, although perfectly good pictures, don’t make the cut for some reason.


Before the advent of digital cameras, getting pictures developed for the school yearbook was a costly process. There was no way to sort out the blurred pictures from the good ones, or to print only those that would be included in the elementary yearbooks design. With advances in technology, you need not worry about this cost any longer.


Pictures can be sorted through and placed in the yearbooks without ever needing to be physically printed. So let your teachers take pictures, and plan some spare room in your school yearbook this year for those fun memories in addition to the usual ones.

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