Some of the Biggest Yearbook Publishing Mistakes Made

Not all the yearbooks come out free of mistakes. Many have flaws throughout them that can take away from meaningfulness of these books. These flaws can range from boring photos to misprinted quotes, names or other textual elements. Below is an example of what we mean.


Posed pictures are just boring, if that is every photo in the yearbook. Mix up the photos. Have some that show action and excitement such as the things that happen in the sports. Team shots or class shots are fine posed.


Opinionated writing has no place in the yearbook. It should be unbiased and journalistic in nature. This way nothing will be in the yearbook that will offend anyone. Recently, one school got in trouble for the mistakes it made in this area.


A high school located in New York State had incorrect labels on students that could be considered offensive by some. One student was called “Some tall guy” while another one was called “Creepy smile kid”. This is not only not fair to the students, it most definitely is showing the opinion of the writer. You can read the whole story of this mishap here. The school has since apologized for the mistakes.


Another mistake that is made in Yearbook Design is the theme on the page disagreeing with text or the photo. If the theme of the page is the football team, all the photos and text should be focused on the team and its accomplishments and its players. You can have a separate page of the football booster club for example.


Typos in the yearbook are a no-no. Make sure all the words are spelled correctly and that the right version of the words is used to explain your thought. There is nothing worse than reading a bunch of typos that could have been avoided. Word processing programs help with spell and grammar correction today, but you still need to make sure your writing is correct on your own.


The moral to the facts here is to make sure your school’s Yearbook Publishing experience is free from errors. Check the book plans several for errors before sending them off for publishing.

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