Selecting the Best Pictures for a Yearbook Printing

So you have gotten all the photos together, did your layout and is now ready for that crucial stage of yearbook printing. Did you select the best pictures?

Imagine a conversation about the yearbook you just produced taking place between a group of students. The general gist of the conversation is, “To buy or not to buy.” One child’s reason for not being interested is that the pictures of her are simply not that great and therefore nothing she wants as a constant reminder.

Once you have done a good job with your yearbook it should have that element of persuasion that breaks the final resolve of even the most hesitant student. Remember that each face looking back at you from the photos is a potential buyer. If that was you, would you have bought the yearbook?

Keeping Your Selling Point Strong

While some kids are excited about having that bit of memory to look back on each year others have to be encouraged. Great pictures can make all the difference.

The selling point of any yearbook is the pictures. That is what you used to attract students and you should not disappoint them. Use a reputable yearbook printing company that will give you a great finished product.

Get Great Photos Snaps

Ensure that you get great shots of the most memorable moments on campus. Try to capture unforgettable, even embarrassing facial expressions during sporting or other events. You can arrange photos in categories such as most memorable moments, most embarrassing moments, funniest photos, cutest photos and so on.

It may be wise to consult with a student about using certain photos to avoid causing them any embarrassment and create a backlash for the yearbook. Photos of kids who are great sports and can stand up to some good ribbing from their peer can help sell the books.

Be Inclusive

The school community is made up of students with differing interest. There are those who can be found at the library even while everyone else is at the games. Show the fun and sports side as well as the academic side, and use photos that really showcase the good of all activities.

As far as the yearbook goes the geeks are just as important as the popular students and members of the sports team.

Select the Best Shots

Use photos that are nice, clean and sharp. You want the viewer’s eyes to be drawn to photo after photo. You also want hesitant buyers to become jealous and feel that it is not enough to just borrow a friend’s yearbook. The photos themselves must be screaming of great memories.

You are the school’s paparazzi. You are the one capturing the unforgettable moments. Your pictures should reflect that. The pictures you select and the layout of your book should help create a huge buzz for the following year’s edition.

Never forget that kids and especially teenagers care a great deal about how they look. They are image conscious and will therefore not take kindly to having poor photos of them in a yearbook. That lives on for years. Another thing you should bear in mind is that kids are tech savvy and live in an age where they can snap their own photos and upload to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. They can create their own memories if you fail to do a good job.

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