Selecting the Best Pictures for a Yearbook


Selecting the best pictures for a yearbook is even more important than placing the right Yearbook Quotes in these books. The best efforts for a book like this will fall flat if the wrong photos appear in it. Why you ask? The pages within the book will lose their meaning to the students without the right photos for one thing. How do you choose the correct photos?


All photos should be crisp and clear in quality for one thing. Blurry images will cheapen the look of the yearbook. They could also make it hard to tell what the focal points of the photos are and who are in the photos. This will make it hard for the owner of the book to understand the Yearbook Quotes listed on the page even, since these may lose their meaning without the right photos.


A photo should be engaging to get the reader interested on what is going on with the page. One that shows an event, action or just emotion is an example of this. It should also be about something where a quote or a comment may be made about it.

The photos should all be about what the kids would like to see in the yearbooks and not what the faculty would prefer. After all the kids are the ones purchasing most of these books. These should not be forgotten when figuring all the Yearbook Costs involved in the printing. Photos of specific interest to the kid will cost no more than ones they may not enjoy as much in these books.


Choose both horizontal and vertical photos. This will give the page more dimension and variety. It also makes the eyes travel in different directions around the page. The reader will find this very appealing.


Get lots of photos,snap photos of many of the events that take place throughout the school. The organization meetings, the sport games and even competitions in which the students participate. These are all things that the students want to remember for years to come. You may even collect some student quotes to include on the same page with some of these photos.


All these things should be thought of when selecting the ideal pictures for the yearbook. The right Photos and Yearbook Quotes can make any yearbook a big hit with the students.

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