Select Your Yearbook Cover Design Options

Expressly-Yours offers several options for your yearbook cover design. Often, yearbook themes begin with the design of the cover, and that’s why we offer so many yearbook cover designs and options. All of which will make your yearbook look amazing.
Expressly-Yours publishes Hard Cover and Soft Cover yearbooks. All soft cover books have full-color graphics; and we also offer full-color options for our hard cover yearbooks, as well as offering the traditional foil-stamped yearbook covers.


Hard Cover Books

Traditional Yearbook Covers

Traditionally, yearbooks use a high quality, textured material cover with an embossed foil stamp on the front. This one-color stamp usually bears the schools’ name and insignia or mascot. We can produce almost any design for this foil stamp. Your art will be used to create the stamping die, which presses the foil into the book cover.

Our selection of cover and foil materials includes:

Full-Color Yearbook Covers

Our full color option involves either a printed graphic of your own design, or one of our designer yearbook covers. The graphic is first printed in vivid color. Next, it is laminated and finished. This creates a durable, eye-catching finish that showcases your creativity and makes your book

Soft Cover Books

Our Soft Cover books come standard with a full color printing and lamination that provides a stiff spine and durable cover for years to come. You may select one of our custom designer covers, or create your own. We are happy to show you gorgeous examples of student-designed covers that give the book a very unique feel.

Yearbook cover design personalization is free with all orders of 100 yearbooks or more. This option allows you to have each student’s name printed on the cover of their book.

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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