Rescuing Your Flagging High School Yearbook Sales

Every year, you observe that the sales of your annual high school yearbook are decreasing at an alarming rate. The most notable reason behind such decrease in sales include the availability of free online social networking sites where students and teachers can post photos, quotations and dedications, thus, making yearbooks irrelevant. Many students and their parents are also reluctant to pay $40 for a yearbook when there is Facebook – for free.
Don’t despair! You have so many avenues to increase your sales.

Keep Your Audience in Focus

The most important reason a student or a teacher will buy the high school yearbook is his/her belief that he/she will be included in it. How do you know this is so? Your own experience with the annual publication, of course – the first thing that you will do after getting your copy is to look for your photo and its accompanying quotation and description. Your fellow students will also have a similar reaction.

In this regard, you should strive to keep all the students in the high school yearbook not only in the formal photos but in group shots as well. Candid shots are also included in the count.

Prevent low yearbook sales by following these simple tips

Just make sure not to overexpose the same group of individuals in all the yearbooks, year in and year out. Keep in mind that the yearbook is a story of the school and its collective body of students and teachers, not just of the most popular clique. You will soon find that even the shyest student in class will want to buy a copy because he/she is put in a positive light in one or two of the yearbook’s pages.

Include Memorable Events Even Extracurricular Happenings

The high school yearbook is not just a collection of photos and quotes; it is also a collection of stories that happened in the school and of stories that affected the students. These stories should include extracurricular activities like back-to-school nights, school dances, and home games, among others. Don’t forget to include interesting stories, too, like the day when students posted fliers on all the cars in the parking lot or the night Principal Smith danced the tango with Miss Jones.

Academic achievements are staple fare in the high school yearbook, too. Just try not to focus too much on these things so as to avoid putting too much focus on the academic overachievers.

Take Advantage of Facebook and the Like

You should also take advantage of online social networking sites to drum up interest for your school yearbook. First, open a Facebook or MySpace account where students and teachers can post photos, share stories and contribute input to the high school yearbook. This way, your target audience will remain updated on your goings-on with the publication. Second, you can put up your sales fliers on the site.

You should also tap into the school’s website and e-mail system. Get technology on your side to promote a traditional publication and voila! Your school yearbook will be popular.
Last but not least, sell other accessories like name plates, plastic covers and autograph supplements as part of the package. Your annual high school yearbook will be more popular for it.

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