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Simply select file » import PSPA CD, and select the index file on your school photographer’s CD. (Below, left) From there, you can edit or group your photos in the organize tab. In this tab, you can change information or group memberships and they are instantly adjusted throughout the book. No saving or updating—this is real-time editing.

yo app import cd Prepare Your Pagesyo app populate panel Prepare Your Pages

On a blank page, select the “add panel” option form the yearbook tool bar. Clicking on the panel properties allows you to select which class/group will fill the panel, as well as change size, shape and feel of the panel layout. (Above, right)

Our instant knock-out feature allows you to change panel shapes with the click of a button to make room for text or pictures. Click a portrait to knock it out of grid and make room for a candid or text box. One more click brings the portrait back to the grid, all while the whole book re-flows the placed students so you don’t have to worry. (Below, left)

yo app add teacher Prepare Your Pagesyo app open image Prepare Your Pages

When adding candid images, you can always just drag and drop photos from any folder on your computer, right into Yearbook Fusion. Drop it onto the borders of the page, and it will become your page background. Resize, rotate and edit image through the frame toolbar. To select an image from your image library, click the image tab, and search, sort, and select the images you want. You can drop individual images or groups you’ve selected onto the page. (Above, right)

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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