Pre-Designed or Personalized Yearbook Covers

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Yearbook covers, like it or not, can make or break the sales of your annual publications and for obvious reasons, too. Think about it: Who wants to buy a yearbook with an ugly cover regardless of whether he is featured in it or not? Humans being visual creatures, an attractive yearbook cover is a must for the annual publication to have brisk sales.

With that being said, it is a must to carefully consider your options in the final high school yearbook cover. Said options are the pre-designed and the personalized yearbook covers, both of which have pros and cons that must be considered in turn.

Pre-Designed Covers

In reliable yearbook publishing companies like Expressly Yours, pre-designed covers are already available. Your job then is to browse through the selections, make a shortlist of the favorite covers, and then make the final choice in the yearbook cover.

The process can be both easy and difficult. On one hand, you need not wrack your collective brains for ideas for the high school yearbook cover because you have a wide range of pre-designed covers to choose from. Since these covers are designed by professionals, your job is easier – the principles of design (i.e., unity, balance, proportion, and rhythm) are already incorporated.

On the other hand, you will have a difficult time choosing the best from among the yearbook covers because of the wide variety of selections. Yes, indeed, confusion can set in and you may just find yourself having arguments about which one fits the vision of the yearbook. The good is that, when the yearbook committee can make compromises, choosing the best cover should be a breeze.

Of course, we do not suggest copying everything on the pre-designed yearbook covers. Add personalized touches like changing the dominant colors to fit into your school colors, or changing the font of the texts, or changing the layout of the cover. Inject your school’s personality into the cover and it should be as good as gold.

Personalized Covers

In the case of a personalized cover, the process is lengthier because everybody starts from scratch in designing it and then in choosing the final design. Think of it as starting from a blank page whereas a pre-designed cover is akin to just filling in the blanks and you get the idea.

The upside with personalized covers is that the yearbook will have a truly unique feel to it. You can solicit ideas from the student body via contests, forums and discussions although the final decision may still rest with the yearbook committee.

The ideas can be anything – doodles, cartoons, photos, collages, mosaics, graphics, and just about any artwork possible. Your job is, again, to choose the best one that fits into the agreed overall theme for the high school yearbook.

In the end, nonetheless, yearbook covers are just the first part of great annuals. You should also focus on the contents of the yearbook – articles, write-ups, essays, photos and captions – so that it becomes a total package, one that your target readers will want to buy.

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