Personalizing Your High School Yearbook

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Hi, my name is Dave Clar, President of Expressly Yours Yearbooks. When it comes to yearbooks, technology has truly transformed what’s possible over recent years. With print-on-demand capabilities, schools and organizations are now able to get small quantities of full color yearbooks for a price that wasn’t even touchable years ago. Not only that, but yearbooks can now be personalized making them an even more unique piece of memorabilia.

Most personalization is done by adding a student’s or participant’s name to the front cover of the book. On soft cover yearbooks, the name is typically printed in full color on the front cover. It can be done in almost any style, color or font. On hard cover books, the personalization is usually foil stamped on the front and it’s more limited in style, color and font. All that is required is a list of names to be sent to the printing company from which they will merge the list with their software to create the personalized books. Most companies prefer this list to be supplied as a Microsoft Excel file. Many schools and organizations are embracing this personalization technology to add another element of fun and uniqueness to their yearbooks. What can you envision for your school or organization?

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