Overcoming the Challenges of Marketing the Middle School Yearbook

Arguably, marketing a middle school yearbook is tougher than marketing an elementary or a high school yearbook. The challenge can come from selling yearbooks to students who have a more jaded attitude toward yearbooks borne of their experiences in their elementary years, not to mention that middle school seems to be busier than the elementary level.

Fortunately, there are many ways of overcoming the challenges of marketing middle school yearbooks to the students and their parents. Your selling rate can increase by as much as 50 percent over the past year’s sales, perhaps even higher with hard work. Here’s how.


Use the Power of Repetition

Repeat, repeat and repeat the fact that, indeed, the present middle school yearbook is now available for purchase by the students, parents and the school staff. The power of repetition should not be underestimated considering that young individuals will most likely soon forget what they do not see and hear.

Use all available means of communication in the school for repeating the message over and over again. Think of daily announcements over the public announcement system but make sure to keep these as fresh, vibrant and interesting as possible. For example, you can add different background music, let different students say the spiel and change the script every now and then.

Fliers, brochures and advertisements distributed to the students are also a must. These need not even be expensive since these documents can be printed on a home computer and then photocopied.


Use the Internet

Since yearbooks are now going online, too, it makes sense that the middle school yearbook should also be marketed and sold via online methods. Think of the following:

• Set up a Facebook page dedicated to the yearbook so that updates can be made, questions can be answered, and opinions can be shared. It will drum up interest for the school yearbook.

• If possible, set up a website dedicated to the yearbook complete with everything from the Home page, the FAQ page, the contact page and the payment page. Of course, a competent teacher or a non-teaching staff should supervise the website since the school’s reputation is at stake.

• Use emails to parents to remind them of the availability of the middle school yearbook. Keep in mind that the parents make the final decision so you must appeal to their pockets first but be sure that the yearbook itself will appeal to the taste of the students, too.


Use School Events

The main goal is to maintain high visibility for the school yearbook where the students and parents are concerned. School events are the best venues for doing so simply because everybody will attend these activities at one point or another. Think of PTA meetings, students’ assembly, sports fests, and school fairs, to name a few.

During these events, you should set up a kiosk where the parents and students can actually buy the yearbooks. Be sure to offer incentives to potential buyers such as free name tags, name stamping and other goodies like small bags of candy and stationery. These are the times to show your marketing savvy and get your middle school yearbook going, going gone!

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