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Navy Cruise Book creation is an age old tradition in the USA. The tradition goes back to the 1800s when navy cruise books and military deployment books were created as memoirs for all times to come. Expressly Yours is a well known and a capable publisher of year books,  cruisebooks and military books. It is well known for its outstanding quality and the reliability of its printing. It can readily do justice to this age old tradition of the nation.


Your Deployment Documented

Navy Cruise Books

It is an age old tradition in the United States of creating the navy cruise books. Right from the 19th century, the earliest navy cruise books documented the Spanish-American war and the voyage of the great white fleet. Coming back to the present times, these books can serve as excellent souvenirs for veterans. The action or missions that their ships participated in can be easily documented through cruisebook publishing. A cruise book that is produced professionally, can serve as an excellent treasure of memories of the families who are proud of their servicemen and women.

Military Deployment Books

These Military Deployment books can serve as an excellent historical record of your unit’s travels in a rich military tradition. You can capture in words and images the exact journey of your unit right from the day of deployment to the time of their homecoming. This Military deployment book would record every detail of your unit’s deployment and would give an excellent insight to your family and friends into the lives of the serviceman and woman while on their mission. Depending on which branch of the military you are in, Expressly-Yours will be able to meet your needs and exceed them. Never let a moment go unforgotten!

Why Only the Expressly-Military Deployment Books

There are multiple advantages of using the Expressly-Yours deployment books. Before the final publishing you would receive a press proof printed from the same press as the finished product.
The digital offset press would be used for the book with bright white glossy paper and a hard cover that you can design for yourself. The hard cover deployment books come with a high quality foil stamping on the front cover with your design. You are free to select the color of your foil as well as that of the background.

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It had been a great pleasure working with you through out the last year. I wish to express my greatest gratitude to you for the excellent cruise book that you have come out with. It is only now that I have comprehended the amount of hard-work that you put in the effort. I have realized that there were more number of people behind the project and I would love to thank all of you guys. This is not just a book for us but rather much more than that. The times that we spent during the deployment were really tough. We had to face numerous challenges all the time that we were there. Expressly Yours has really enshrined those moments for all of us. I really appreciate the professionalism that you displayed in cruise book printing and deployment books publishing. I still remember the conversations that we had through phone and e-mails.

Kindly accept this flag and the certificate as our appreciation for your work during the Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006. I am definitely going to recommend Expressly Yours to everybody I meet just because of the extra effort that you put in to produce the book during those tough times.

I wish you and your family a very bright future and hope to work with you again. Take care till then but remember that all of us at VMAQ-3 are thinking of you.

Sgt Raymond Troxell VMAQ-3, April 11, 2007

Thank you for all of your help. I have recommended you to another squadron … they are using another company and I think our cruisebooks have turned out much better, plus we have over 10 pages more for $10 less than their books!

Jennifer Bailey , VP-47, May 2, 2006

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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