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Hi, I’m Dave Clar, the Owner of Expressly Yours Yearbooks.  When servicemen and women return home, what better way to share their experiences than to bring home a military cruise book?  Like a yearbook, military cruise books can show in pictures what words can’t and I’m sure you’d agree.  Describing in words the experiences you have in the service cannot tell the story and maybe pictures can’t either.  But it can certainly get closer.

With your cruise book your memories will last a lifetime and the history you made will be documented for your family and our friends to see.  If you plan ahead, you can capture not only formal images but also candid moments that will really make your book come to life.  Don’t forget to keep a journal so you can record funny moments, important phrases and feelings and emotions that you want captured in your yearbook.  The choices available to you these days are almost endless.  It’s easy to create hard cover or soft over books and you can choose between full color and black and white printing.  You can personalize your books and there are templates available that make this process easy.  Get your platoon planning together to create a piece of memorabilia that you can all cherish.


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