Remembering your Deployment with Military Books and Cruise Books

Deployment Books and Navy Cruise Books are still be produced at record numbers to continue military tradition that dates all the way back to the 1800s. These books are produced to honor those who have been by your side and will be one of the books that never leaves your shelf.


Navy Cruise Books


The creation of a Navy cruise book is a very old tradition that’s taken place within the United States Navy. Dating back to the early portion of the 19th century, Navy cruise books were being created and produced in order to document historic events in time and history of deployment covering the Spanish-American War and the voyage of the Great White Fleet. During modern day, cruise books  have been serving as an souvenir for members of a ship to use to document the action and missions that took place on their ship while out on the water. Professionally-produced cruise books are something that will be treasured by a family in the future who can look back with honor and be proud of those who fought for their country.


Military Deployment Books


Military Deployment books differ slightly then cruise books by covering all branches of the Military that are not the Navy. Similar to the Cruise books the deployment books are created so you have a permanent history of all event, missions and soldiers that stood by your side during battle. These books are created for soldiers by soldiers and are often one of the most prized possessions one will ever receive in their entire life.

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