How To Create and Market Your Yearbook Effectively

Okay, so school just got started, and most people are involved with just getting back into the groove of things. Nevertheless, now is a good time to start thinking about how you will create , design and market this years high school yearbook so that you will be ready at the drop of a hat to let everyone know it will be ready soon. If you haven’t read my post about yearbook layout tips I suggest you read it now.

Getting the word out as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that you sell out of yearbooks and have to order more. Here are a few tips that will get elementary yearbooks sales off and going this year.

• Get ready to promote yearbook sales during all the school events including spirit week.

• Have a few pages ready and display them at all school events. This will build excitement and keep the information in front of anyone who is interested in buying one of their own.

• Promote yearbook sales before holidays because they make great gift ideas for kids of all ages.

• Until your high school yearbooks come in, sell them at all events including games. Continue selling any overstock of books at the games and other events until they are all gone.

• Prepare flyers and place them on lockers, desks, cars in the school parking lot, lunch trays. Create banners with a likeness of your yearbook covers and display them for all to see.

• Begin sending out reminders about placing orders early on and continue until you send in the order to the yearbook company of your choice.

• Send email reminders to parents inbox letting them know about your child’s middle school yearbook.

• Kids like getting prizes so create a competition with a prize awarded to the one who sells the most yearbooks.

• Include information about your school yearbook on the school’s Facebook page and Twitter account, and to make it even more exciting create a special page for the yearbook staff where they can keep folks updated about what is happening with this years copy.

• Another contest idea is to start a battle between the different grades. The winning grade might win a special party or something.

• Help kids be able to afford their own yearbook by setting up a way for them to have their book paid off by the time it comes in.

There are so many other ways to create & market your yearbook, and sometimes the yearbook publishing company will have others to share with you if you just ask.

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