Managing Yearbook Costs

Students and parents expect the opportunity to purchase a yearbook by the end of the school year, however with rising costs and budget problems many schools are seeking creative ways to manage yearbook-publishing costs. After all, what is the point of producing a yearbook that no one can afford to purchase or that causes even more budget shortfalls? There are a few things school officials and even students can do to successfully manage yearbook-printing costs, here are just a few.

Photo Buddy Program

One way to defray costs of yearbook publishing is a little program called photo buddy. It works a little something like this:

  • Promise to publish all photos taken from a special event
  • Students pay a small fee ($2-$3) for the privilege of their photos being published
  • Organize by event
  • Save each image tagged by participant name and event
  • Proof and Publish


One thing that can run into higher yearbook publishing costs is repeated changes or re-prints. In order to produce the best yearbook for a reasonable price you want to start the process with good organization. How much organizing you will have to do depends a great deal on the number of students and planned special events. A few ideas include:

  • Create a school year timeline- a large chart with all the major events mapped out
  • Storage- make sure each person on your yearbook staff has someplace to keep their work- cubbies are nice
  • Binder- as the pictures and information for yearbook publication come in a three ring binder can keep it all organized and in order of events.


What kind of binding do you want? Do you have a color scheme in mind? Will it be a high gloss finish? There are many decisions about the composition of the yearbook that will need to be made in advance. Each of these decisions will have an impact on the final cost of yearbook printing and should be carefully considered ahead of time. Moreover, the more concise you are with your yearbook printing requirements the more precise any yearbook quotes will be.

Final Thoughts

Has your school used the same yearbook publishing company for several years? You can also have a yearbook funding program to fund yearbook printing. It may be time to entertain offers from other publishers. Often time’s publishers will offer reduced prices for new clients giving you the opportunity to obtain a great yearbook for a reasonable cost. That being said, do not strictly choose a publisher based on price, you have to weigh quality concerns against the bottom line.

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