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US Navy Cruise Books

Being on the navy is, indeed, an honor for any American because it is an opportunity to serve your country and your countrymen in a noble manner. It is also an opportunity to acquire great memories of your time on board the ship and in many places around the world. What better way to celebrate all of these good things than through Navy cruise book?

Cruise books for Navy servicemen are similar to yearbooks for elementary, high school and college students in so many ways. Photos of the individuals in the mission, both in formal poses with their full attire on and in casual and combat scenes, as well as descriptions, essays and articles related to the cruise are on the book. The contents are designed to capture the memories of the servicemen on ink and paper while also celebrating their service to the country.

But not all Navy cruise books are created equal. You will find many navy cruise book that do not do any justice to the noble service and good times that the servicemen had during the cruise – and it’s such a shame, really.
Don’t fall into such a level of mediocrity when it comes to your own cruise book. Here are tips to make it speak about your time on and off the ship with your shipmates.

First, divide the cruise book into three sections, namely, legacy, leadership and life. These sections are designed to ensure that related and relevant content are grouped together, thus, making the cruise book become a better read for everybody.


A brief description of how these three sections in excellent Navy cruise books:

• The Legacy section pertains to the legacy that the mission hopes to offer the Navy Cruise Books. It can contain the history of the Cruise ship and its men; the media articles including broadcasts, newsletters, and press releases; the ship’s official annual reports; awards and honors garnered by the crew and the ship; and a memorial to the men who have passed away during the mission.

Navy Cruise Books:

• The Leadership part includes the photos of the officers of the ship as well as their biography and messages. It can feature the entire unit including starting from the commander-in-chief, too.

• The Life section contains the lives of the service on board and, thus, can be considered as the core of Navy cruise books. It contains a detailed look into the activities of the servicemen – without giving away state secrets and endangering the ship and its crew, of course – including their trainings, deployment, daily activities and return home. Photos tell the story while the descriptions reinforce said stories.

If you are in charge of making the Navy cruise book for your ship, you should keep these three parts in mind. You will find that the task becomes easier, not to mention more enjoyable.

Second, enlist the help of the crew members. You cannot do it alone because even the Navy requires an entire unit to win its battles. You can start enlisting the help of your fellow Navy servicemen as early as your first deployment so that planning can commence.

Indeed, when done right, Navy cruise books can and will speak about your good times with good company during the deployment. Start now!

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