Making Money Off of Your Old Yearbooks

Yearbook Photo

Sentimental value has always been one of the biggest benefits of purchasing a high school or middle school yearbook, but a company is giving that a run for the “money”. The Facebook web application Class Photo Fund is giving people a chance to cash in from their old high school and middle school yearbook class photos.

How the App Works:

Class Photo Fund is a Facebook application meaning you will need to have an account with them in order to get money for your yearbook photos. Users of the app will upload their class photos either by smart phone or scanner, and when uploaded they need to fill out information about the photo. This information includes the school, year, and people within the yearbook picture. This information will make it easy for someone trying to retrieve or find this photo in the future to purchase and add to their collection.

How you make Money!

After uploading photos, you simply wait for someone else to find that photo and purchase it. Each photo costs $2.50, and its split $1 to the person who uploaded the photo, $1 to the school of the yearbook photo, and 50 cents goes to the company.

This is a great way for people to people to go down memory lane if they lost or never had a yearbook, and turning into a great way for people to make a few extra bucks!

Because this is a Facebook app, after a purchase of the photo it can go directly into a selected album to go on display.

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