Looking Your Best in Your Yearbook Photo

You only get to do it once in an entire school year – get your picture taken for the school’s annual yearbook, that is – so you want to look good, nay, great for it. Plus, everybody who knows you, either in a good or bad way, will remember you for it for the next school year and well into your school reunions. You want to avoid becoming the laughingstock in the future with your funny hair or funny expression.

Here are a few tips that will make you stand out in a good way on your annual school yearbooks.

Practice Makes For a Perfect Look

Be sure to practice in the privacy of your bedroom instead of your school’s restroom mirror for obvious reasons. Just practice your expression for your yearbook photo so that you can figure out your best smile, your best angle and your best look (i.e., hair and accessories like earrings, clips and glasses).

It sounds cheesy but preparation is always your best weapon in looking good in photos in all your annual yearbooks.

Prepare Well in Advance

The great thing about a school yearbook is that everybody knows when the photos will be taken. You will then have sufficient time to plan your look including your hairstyle and outfit for the individual and class photos.

But don’t make big changes to your appearance either for several reasons. First, you still want to be recognized in your yearbook photo instead of everybody guessing about the stranger in their class. Second, you want to avoid memorable mishaps like piercings gone wrong or acne cream ruining your skin. Just try to look your best, not anybody else’s idea of how you should look and you should be just fine.

When preparing for your look in your school yearbook photo, you should consider the following tips provided by professional photographers:

• Choose your angle wisely. For most people, the straight-on pose is the best for the yearbook photo because it showcases the entire face. You will want to save the look-over-the-shoulder or the hand-under-the-chin pose for your personal photo collection.

• Choose the colors of your outfit wisely, too. You want these colors to complement your skin tone while also making your picture pop out. For example, darker colors like navy blue, maroon and purple look great on anybody while pastel hues tend to wash out in photos. A big don’t in yearbook photos – bright neon colors like electric blue and neon pink because these are faddish, not to mention garish.

• Choose your accessories wisely, too. Big, unnecessary and attention-calling details are a big no-no simply because you want the focus on your face, not on your outfit and accessories; examples include hair fascinators, busy patterns on clothes and large hoop earrings.

• Adopt a less is more approach to your hair and makeup. Remember that your yearbook photo will be printed on permanent paper-and-ink so you want to look like yourself, not a clown or a jester or somebody that the cat dragged in.

In the end, you want to be able to look at your yearbook photo 5, 10, 15 years from now and say to yourself, “Yes, indeed, I look good then and now!”

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