Letting Deployment Cruise Books Speak

Deployment cruise books

It is not just elementary, high school and college students who appreciate the value of yearbooks. Members of the armed forces including the Navy and their families also appreciate the value behind cruise books in so many ways. Think of these deployment annuals as the books that speak what words cannot.

Surprise Gifts

Most military men come home after several months, even a year, of deployment overseas with an enthusiastic attitude – and for good reasons, too. It is certainly no walk in the park to be away from your family and friends and everything else familiar and dear to fight in a war in a place halfway around the world.

These servicemen expect their family and friends to be at the military base upon their arrival for joyous reunions. They most probably will not anticipate the surprise gifts of deployment or cruise books coming from the Army or the Navy. Just imagine their surprise and delight upon seeing these military deployment yearbooks that will serve as their souvenirs as well as a way to tell stories to their loved ones.

All the hard work poured into making these annuals are worth it just to be able to give something back to the men and women who risked their lives for the cause of freedom.

Insights into Life

These deployment or cruise books are not just a collection of pictures, articles and sidebars about the battalion or the platoon. These military yearbooks serve many purposes including:

• Capturing the unit’s journey from the first day of deployment until just about their coming home ceremony;

• Recording for posterity the trials and triumphs of the unit;

• Providing valuable insights into the life of the soldiers while on tour;

• Bonding the soldiers or sailors through the years of their separation to attend to other aspects of their lives or during separate tours of duty;

• Providing a jump-off point for the planning of reunions in the future.

Indeed, these deployment or cruise books are not just a collection of photos, paper and ink that will soon find their way to the trash bin. These are memories of the soldiers and sailors set on ink and paper that can be shared with their families and friends. Don’t dismiss the importance of these deployment books because these become one of the enduring repositories of memories for soldiers and sailors.


But these are not just the purposes of deployment or cruise books. Many soldiers stationed to highly volatile areas of conflict have difficulty reintegrating into civilian culture.

These books play an important role in breaking the ice especially between former unit members. Think of the books as a way to start meaningful conversations by travelling down Nostalgia Road. Many soldiers even use the yearbook to explain to neighbors about their experiences overseas and, in so doing, reestablish the bonds of camaraderie.

And in many ways, deployment or cruise books help in the healing process of soldiers who have been emotionally scarred by their experiences. The photos and articles on the yearbook focus on the positive things that help in the process of acceptance.

Indeed, let deployment or cruise books speak for you and you will find that you have found a voice.

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