Keep Yearbook Costs Low with Top Marketing Tips

Creating and publishing yearbooks can get quite expensive. While you probably have a yearbook budget already, you will need to market those books to students to sell enough to get a better price on the books. Remember, the more you have printed, the better deal you usually get per book. Focusing on marketing the book can help you to keep your yearbook costs low. Of course, you may not be sure how to start marketing the books to students and parents. Here are a few marketing tips you can use to ensure you keep your yearbook costs as low as possible.


Tip #1 – Start Promoting During Big School Events

One of the best marketing tips to use when marketing your yearbooks is to begin promoting them during big school events. If the school is having spirit week, then promote the book during that week. If you’re getting ready for homecoming, take advantage of all the excitement to promote the yearbook. You can even promote the book at big school games and other important school events.


Tip #2 – Show Off Pages to Generate Interest

Another helpful marketing tip is to show off yearbook pages to help generate interest. Students love to get a sneak peak at pages that will be in the yearbook. It generates interest and makes them wonder what else you have in store for the book. Display just a few pages now and then to get students interested in buying a book, which will help you to keep your yearbook costs as low as possible.


Tip #3 – Promote the Yearbook as a Gift Idea Around the Holidays

The holidays give you the perfect atmosphere for yearbook promotion. Yearbooks make a great gift ideas, so make up some promotional materials that allow students and parents to purchase the books as gifts.


Tip #4 – Send Out Emails to Parents

Sometimes students will forget to mention the yearbook to their parents. Avoid this problem by sending out emails to parents. You want to make sure that parents know about the yearbook and you can even send a few reminders by email as you get closer to the deadline for ordering the book.


Tip #5 – Consider Using Social Media

Consider using social media to market the yearbook and keep your yearbook costs low. Create an Instagram account where you can show off pictures or layouts you are going to use in the book. You can also set up a Facebook page for the yearbook where you can give updates and ask for suggestions for the yearbooks.


Tip #6 – Set Up Payment Plans for Students or Parents

Sometimes it can be difficult for some students or parents to pay the entire fee for a yearbook at one time. To make this easier, consider setting up payment plans. This way the books can be paid for over time. It’s a great way to help you sell even more of the books, keeping your costs as low as possible.


Tip #7 – Have a Yearbook Selling Battle Between Grades

Last, you may want to have a yearbook selling battle between grades. See which grade ends up selling the most books. Throw a pizza party as a reward.

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