Inspiring Ideas For Elementary Yearbooks

Elementary school age is a critical stage as kids in this age group (9 to12) are at their creative best. While they may not create a yearbook by themselves, they can be a good source of creative ideas if properly guided. While brainstorming yearbook ideas with kids can be difficult at times, it can lead to great elementary yearbook ideas if it is handled the right way.

As at any other school level, the best way to get a great yearbook idea for elementary school is by brainstorming with students. Discussing different ideas provides a rough idea of how the actual design will pan out. It’s more like first creating an outline for a drawing before filling it out with the suitable colors.

Elementary yearbook themes should be simple enough for children to comprehend. Simplicity and clarity should be the guiding principle here. Catchy things do well with kids but they should be informative as well.


Below are a few inspiring ideas for an elementary yearbook:

Customize Your Layout

When you add poetry, paintings, and other artworks created by students, you can make a highly personalized yearbook. Kids love colorful artwork and if a yearbook is filled with colors and paintings, it will interest them and will be easy for them to read. Mind the fonts you use for elementary yearbooks ideally, they should be curvy.


Add Fascinating Facts

Let’s face it; kids on the whole don’t love reading, so one way to make them read a yearbook is to include some fascinating facts alongside colorful artwork. And, if the facts are commingled with short quizzes and riddles, for instance, it adds a touch of entertainment. This means that the kids will not only be adding knowledge but also getting entertained. In addition to quizzes and puzzles, students can share their daily experiences at school such as classroom highlights, standout sports events, and more.


Special Moments

No matter which school you went to, there were always those memorable moments that are worth immortalizing in a yearbook and it’s no different with elementary school. You can add this information along with pictures, say from the previous year. Ambitious students could even write notes about those moments or events.



Yearbooks look great with collage, more so elementary yearbooks. Just create a collage of pictures from the various school events and activities to keep the memories of those events. Using collage makes for maximum page usage as it doesn’t leave any white spaces.


Basically, ideas for elementary yearbooks are endless. Most ideas revolve around school activities, special moments, creative artwork by students, and standout events. Spurring creativity should be the driving force for elementary yearbooks. Kids can come up with the best ideas if they are properly motivated and encouraged.

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