Ideas on Creating Fun Inserts in Elementary School Yearbooks

Elementary school yearbooks are great ways to celebrate the best years of your childhood. These annual publications contain class pictures, individual profiles and interesting stories that happened during the school year. Students, teachers and parents appreciate the effort put into making the yearbooks mostly by buying copies and then writing their dedications.

Here’s an idea: Have fun with your elementary school yearbook

There’s just one problem: The relative dearth of yearbook ideas related to the contents in terms of photos and text that will be placed in the annual edition. The elementary school years, after all, are not exactly known to be filled with exciting school events in comparison with high school and college.

Fortunately, you can make exciting contents in elementary school yearbooks despite these challenges. Here is a sampling of these excellent yet easy-to-do yearbook ideas.

Fun During Field Trips

Elementary students consider field trips to be one of the highlights of the school year and for good reasons, too. Field trips can be to exciting places like the national park, the zoo, the museum of natural history, and historical places. These are opportunities to see the world outside of school while still learning things related to education.

We suggest celebrating field trips with separate sections, which can be organized in many ways. Think of field trips according to class, to place or to interest. Place photos of the kids enjoying the places, activities and events during these field trips while also telling a story on the sidebars.

Achievements in Sports

Elementary school yearbooks should also celebrate achievements in sports even when it is only a game won at home turf. Sports have a way of strengthening the self-esteem of the young players while also strengthening the sense of community among students and teachers, thus, its inclusion in the yearbooks.

Just be sure not to focus too much attention on a select number of star players. Keep in mind these annual school publications are meant to shine a spotlight on the entire student body, not elevate the elite to the detriment of the other students. Besides, sports is about great teamwork so elementary school yearbooks should ideally focus on said value.

School Milestones

Did the school celebrate its golden anniversary? Did the students top the state exam? Did the teachers won statewide searches?

Celebrate these school milestones with a separate page where group photos with appropriate captions are placed. You may also place an interesting sidebar to tell the story of the milestone in the most attractive way possible (i.e., did you know format, Q&A approach). Often, it is not the smallness or greatness of the school milestone but in its telling that matters the most.

Everyday Goings-on

But don’t limit yourself to school milestones and achievements in academics and extracurricular activities when planning the inserts for elementary school yearbooks. Even the everyday happenings in the school have interesting stories, too, not to mention that it is often the little things happening every day that stick to our memories.

Examples: Students eating their lunch at the cafeteria; teachers conducting their classes; and everybody cheering for their home team. These ordinary images can be made extraordinary through great photos and equally great story-telling.

Ultimately, elementary school yearbooks are but repositories of our memories of childhood; choose the ones that stick to the mind and touch the heart.

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