Ideas for Yearbook Photos

A yearbook is a piece of memorabilia that students will cherish for a lifetime, and the photos are what make the moments come to life. Dull photos detract from the fun and excitement that goes along with viewing a yearbook, so it is important to plan out the photos you will take throughout the year.

By knowing ahead of time what events you want photographed, how you want them photographed and what you want to capture about those events, you’ll be able to capture what matters most. Create a list of ideas for all of your photographers to work from so they know what to look for. Your Idea List might include things like:

Capture the following at Football Games:

  • Facial expressions of the players during important plays.
  • Funny moments that are happening on the sidelines.
  • Close-ups of the crowd cheering and showing team spirit.
  • Turn the “boring” into interesting by capturing the following in the Library:
  • Students hard at work or searching intently for a specific book.
  • Moments when students are working in teams discussing a project.

Bring out the excitement at Dances and Proms by capturing:

  • Funny and/or exceptional dance moves in action.
  • Facial expressions of friends enjoying the night together.
  • Students exiting their limos in anticipation of the night.

By being creative and planning ahead, you can create yearbooks that bring to life every moment at your school. Make your Photo Idea List today!

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