How to Plan Your Yearbook Printing

When you are planning out your yearbook, the more actual planning you do, the better your yearbook will look and the easier it will flow together. Here are some steps you can take to get started on the right foot:

  1. Know your timeline – Before you can successfully produce a yearbook, you will need to find out when the printer needs the files and work backwards from there. Make sure you leave in some wiggle room in case you need a couple rounds of proofs or in case production doesn’t go as easily as planned.
  2. Remember teamwork is everything – A well-run yearbook committee is one that has mapped out their duties and agreed to take them on and collaborate consistently. The majority of the work should not fall on only a couple people.
  3. Know your specifications as early as possible – There are many specifications that can drastically change the production run of yearbooks, so be sure you get your final specifications as early as possible. That way, your printing company can provide accurate pricing quotes and timelines. You’ll need to know book size, number of pages, number of copies, color placement, photography schedules, cover design and end sheet design, to name a few.
  4. Determine your budget – You need to be sure you know what you are aiming for so that you can design your yearbook for what you can afford. If you spend months designing a full color yearbook, for example, but you can only afford half of the yearbook to be in color, you will have wasted a lot of time.
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