Expressly-Yours Yearbooks Homecoming Pinterest Contest – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have ideas how to remember homecoming in your yearbook? Enter our Pinterest contest for the chance to win printing of 2 softcover books (you design) or a $50 Amazon gift card

As we just recently launched our first ever Pinterest Contest (see also our Pinterest page at with the theme, “Ways to Remember Homecoming,” we wanted to take a moment to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about our Pinterest contest.   If you have any questions that are not covered here, please contact us at (855) 869-2136 and we will respond to your question.


Q:   How can participating in Expressly-Yours Yearbooks Pinterest contest help us?

A:   In so many ways!    The contest offers ideas as you tackle the question of how to capture homecoming, and it can make sure no stones are left unturned as you plan for covering Homecoming or choosing among your many images that your yearbook photographers take.

Why is this child happy? His mom got great ideas for his school yearbook by entering our Pinterest contest!

Hopefully, our Pinboards have ideas for yearbook photos that you haven’t thought of, and that by participating in our Pinterest contest, you will be able to connect easily with other yearbook clubs nationwide who have Homecoming yearbook layouts, yearbook themes, or yearbook photo ideas that will inspire you.


And if you are not a yearbook club member or a yearbook parent volunteer or booster, you are still very warmly welcome to participate and able to win our Pinterest contest prizes.  We recommend all contestants “Like” us on Facebook so they are able to see the winner announced, which will be the Monday after Thanksgiving (Cyber Monday) at noon EST.


Q:   Does Expressly-Yours Yearbooks have any yearbook design tips that are shared through this Pinterest contest?

A:   Absolutely.   Our website features many yearbook design tips which we’ve culled from our years of experience printing high quality yearbooks, and our customers’ collective centuries of designing gorgeous yearbooks, cruisebooks and memory books.   Our blog postings, which range from “Easy-to-do Yet Attractive Ideas for Yearbook Covers“ to “Going Retro with Your Yearbook Ideas,” are all available via Pinterest and you can find them whether or not you participate in our Pinterest contest.   You can link to them via Pinterest, but it’s easier to read on our website, via email signup through feedburner or via RSS feed.


Q:   Is the Expressly-Yours Yearbooks Pinterest contest limited to high schools or colleges?

A:   No.  Our Pinterest contest isn’t limited to any type of participants – if your elementary school, middle school, a student club, or even a group of friends (or a family), has a special way that they will be remembering Homecoming and think it could inspire others, please enter the contest and hopefully you can win some easy money or printing of 2 free softcover books!


Additional FAQ may be posted in future blog posts – but in the meantime, contact us anytime with your questions or to request a quote for printing your school’s yearbook!

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