High School Yearbook Layouts and design tips

When students reach the high school years, the expectations of the yearbook change abruptly. No longer are the yearbook layouts required to please Mom and Dad. At this age, students could logically purchase their own yearbook if they so choose, and because of this, the design elements should be aimed more toward these momentous years.

For the average high school student, the ninth through twelfth grade years signify the end of the way of living that they are used to. Once they graduate, their education will be behind them, and they will start on their adult life with new responsibilities and the world at their fingertips.

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Some will continue with their education, but for the average student in your class, graduation day from high school is the furthest they will ever go in the academic world. For all of these students, regardless of their future, you are creating this arrangement of memories on a year by year basis. As students look forward to what the yearbook will contain with each passing year, the plan that you put into your high school yearbook creation will show in a unique presentation for each graduating class.

The high school yearbook design features another unique problem: student creation. As tradition dictates, the teachers take a more relaxed approach to the yearbook, allowing students the responsibility of taking the photos and determining the layout scheme for the entire yearbook. Although the staff will have a heavy hand in the overall yearbook plan, it is the students who will be phrasing the picture explanations and trying to talk you into more two page picture spreads than are truly necessary.

The yearbook that is produced at the high school level must be careful to include all of the elements that the senior class will be looking for in terms of memories. Halloween parties, winter dances, and proms will all need their own full page or double page spread, with many colorful pictures and correctly identified participants. The homecoming game must be covered, and pictures from all pep rallies and other moments of excitement must be included.

But among all of these fun activities, the clubs, organizations, and individual students must all have their place in the high school yearbook as well. Making certain that the arrangement of the pages doesn’t fall too heavily toward entertainment is important, while still remembering to give the senior class all of the attention and colorful photographs that tradition dictates they deserve.

While your students celebrate the end of their education, the yearbook plan must go off without a hitch in order to make their senior year as complete as possible. High school yearbooks adhere to this less formal yearbook layout in order to create a lasting memory of the best years in these student’s lives. It is important that your yearbook creation class hold with the school’s usual traditions while trying to make each year’s yearbook as unique as the students who roam the hallways between classes.

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