High School Yearbook Funding Options

It is no secret that finding the funding for school yearbooks can be a bit difficult during hard economic times. However, hard times can be used to bring people together and help them learn things they otherwise may not have known. With creative fundraising opportunities, you can actually bring the entire student body together so that they can work together to accomplish a common goal. Here are some ideas that you might want to incorporate into your school’s fundraising drive for yearbook.

1. Hold a penny drive and challenge success by offering a special page in the elementary yearbook devoted to the class that brings in the most pennies. Set a time limit on this challenge and then hold a special assembly to announce the winner. You might be surprised at how much the kids in your school can raise when you put them to the test.

2. Yearbook Boosters is another way to raise money for high school yearbooks. Boosters are those 3 to 5 lines of personalized test messages devoted to specific students that family and friends can pay for to raise money for yearbook. Students are given the task of selling these messages and each page given to these messages can fit in 30 to 50 messages. Cost is just $3 to $5 and that can go a long way toward paying for the yearbook.

3. Local companies often set aside special funding for community involvement. All that is required in most cases is someone to ask for a donation or sponsorship in the yearbook.

4. Many schools use fundraising techniques throughout the year with the money being raised going towards the publication of a middle school yearbook and others. Bake sales, book sales, and other fundraising events bring in a good amount of money to be used toward printing the school yearbook. There are lots of other ideas that can be put into practice when you know about them. If you have used up all your fundraising ideas or want to do something different this year, as the yearbook company you are going with for some fresh ones. Many have customization marketing tools available that will come complete with your school’s logo, colors and you can even add your mascot to fliers, brochures, and order forms. These hard economic times may be tough to get through, but that does not mean that you should sacrifice any of your long held traditions or forgo yearbook because of them.

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