Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Theme for School Yearbooks

Yearbooks give students the ability to hold on to some of the great memories they make while they are in school. Whether you want to create a high school, grade school or college yearbook, you want to create a book that makes it easy to look up old friends, laugh at funny memories and remember the days when you were younger. One of the most important decisions to be made when creating a yearbook is the decision on the yearbook theme. This decision has to be made long before the book is sent off to a yearbook printing company. In fact, it’s one of the first decisions that must be made. If you’re trying to choose the perfect theme for your school’s yearbook, here are a few helpful tips that will make it easier to make the right decision.


Tip #1 – Ensure it Highlights What Makes Your School Unique

One helpful tip for choosing the right theme for your school yearbooks is to ensure that the theme you choose highlights what makes your school unique. You want to go with a theme that really reflects the essence of your school. Start looking at what makes your school so different from other schools. Use that information to come up with a great theme.


Tip #2 – Think About the Specific School Year

Another tip that will help you choose the best theme long before the book heads off to a yearbook printing company is to think about that specific school year. Each year is a bit different, so think about what has made this year so different. Have there been any special events, achievements or awards that have made the year different from other years at the school?


Tip #3 – Don’t Overshadow the Yearbook

Of course, when picking out a theme for your yearbooks, you want to avoid going with a theme that will overshadow the actual book. You want a theme that can easily link the entire book together without detracting from the purpose of the yearbook. A good theme will flow so effortlessly that it won’t stand out and detract from all the memories made that school year.


Tip #4 – Choose a Theme that is Easy to Use Throughout the Entire Book

It’s important that you choose a theme that is easy to use throughout the entire book. If you cannot think of good ways to use the theme throughout the whole yearbook, you probably don’t have a good theme. Think about ways that you can highlight the theme with typography, color and visual representations.


Tip #5 – Talk to Other Students About the Theme

You definitely want to choose a theme for the yearbooks that everyone is going to appreciate. To get a feel for what the other students want, talk to them about the theme. Ask for suggestions from students, which may help you get some great ideas for a theme. Once you’ve narrowed down the theme to several different options, consider having students vote on the theme they like the most. This way everyone ends up feeling happy with the yearbook once it is printed and distributed to all the students.

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